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Costa Rica Farms for Sale C.R.R.V.P

Costa Rica Farms
Whether your interests are in Agriculture farms, Ranches, or, simply a Hobby Farm, Costa Rica has the climate and topography for all. Farms in Costa Rica are significant in that they provide excellent GDP and employment.

Agricultural Farms in Costa Rica accounts for 14% of the labor force and 16% of our GDP.  Included in the major exported products are bananas, coffee, pineapple, potatoes, palm oil sugar, vegetables and tropical fruits.  Non-insecticide products are popular such as Organic-sustainable/permaculture.  The quality is very high as evidenced by some of the top names in worldwide food distribution such as Dole, Chiquita, and Del Monte.

Costa rica Coffee Farms

                                          Costa Rica Farms for Sale C.R.R.V.P              

Costa Rica Coffee Farms   
The popularity of Costa Rica Coffee Farms is on the rise due to the variety available and the ability to have a boutique type operation 
 Here are a few examples

$650K Farm 1
895K Farm 2


Hobby Farming In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Farms for Sale C.R.R.V.P                        

Hobby Farming in Costa Rica  
This becomes an option for those folks who retire in Costa Rica and want to keep busy.  It may be a permaculture thing or just having a few animals.   some even put their hand to combining it with agriculture.

Here are a few examples of what you can find

$275K-  Farm 1
$450K Farm 2
425k farm 3



Cota Rica Farms for Agriculture


 Costa Rica Agriculture  

Our main exports are bananas, pineapples, coffee, sugar, rice, vegetables, tropical fruits, ornamental plants, corn, potatoes and palm oil. Many large plantations are manned by very large worldwide agricultural product  See some large Costa Rica Agriculture Farms

$1,700K pineapple farm San Carlos
$1,700K pineapple farm San Carlos
$1,700K pineapple farm San Carlos



We are countrywide and have a large number of farms for sale in Costa Rica.  We are connected to agricultural engineers for consultation and assistance in the buying decision.

Costa Rica Farms for Sale C.R.R.V.P.  and see farms in all regions 

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